What Pandabee is all about

Our Values


We believe that fun is giving incomparable motivation and joy to its beholder. Therefor, we chose fun as our core experience that we will always strive to deliver and optimize.


Every game deserves its unique special something.
Our mission is to create new, exciting ways for players to enjoy our games with.


We love video games and their unique way they spark joy.
To give the medium the respect it deserves, we will always deliver the best work we possibly can when releasing a game.

People First

We will always appreciate the people who join us on our journey in any way we can. Transparency and Fairness should be the foundation of any human interaction — also in business.

No Crunch

We are firm believers that happy people make better games and live a better life. Therefor, we will not crunch and limit potential overtime as good as possible.

Love for games

Developers by profession, gamers by heart. Video games are more to us than just a product. We give our all to make our players happy - with passion and respect for games.