We are PandaBee Studios.

PandaBee Studios is a game development company based in Germany.

We're a young team of lovely people with a passion for games who are dreaming to create the video games you love!

If you want to know more about the amazing individuals on our team, go check out the Team tab on our website. For insights about our current projects, the Projects tab is the right place for you!

Thanks for being here and enjoy your stay! - PandaBee Studios

PandaBee Studios

Need help with a game project?

We help you with your game concept!

What we can do:

— Gamification for your project

— Serious Game concept design

— Game and Level Design

— Digitalize analog concepts

Co-Development and game asset production.

We help you with:

— Full game development cycles

— 2D and 3D Asset production

— Music production for games

— Play tests

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Otherwise, check out our games down below!


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Our Games

Portal Golf

You know how to play golf.

But you've never played it like this!

Vision Statement

Portal Golf is a 2D Casual Puzzle Game.

Move around portals to make the golfer hit

a hole in one and collect stars while you're at it!

How to play

The game is designed for mobile devices.

Control the Portals by dragging them around.

The start button will let you know if your Setup works!


When the fireflies roam the wood again

It's time for its children to come out and play.

Vision Statement

Ganita is a 2D Jump n Run Serious Game

with math based puzzles in a greatly atmospheric

world. It's great for kids as well as adults - try the demo!

How to play 

Ganita is designed for Browsers.

In Ganita you will collect magical Fireflies

to solve different kinds of Puzzles based on math.

Gezeichnet - Unsere Flucht 1945

"On December 24th of 1944 i had to take my family

and leave alone everything that i knew on our journey towards the west."

Vision Statement

Gezeichnet is a 2,5D Survival Adventure.

The Game relies on a set of survival mechanics

as well as a touching narrative and hard decisions.

How to play

Gezeichnet will be released for PC.

In Gezeichnet the player is playing through

levels and tries their best to keep the family alive.

Interested in working together for a project?

Reach out to us using the E-mail below.

E-Mail us: info@pandabee-studios.com

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