Happy bee
Julien Schillinger
Tam Ho
Aaron Zabel
Aaron Zabel

Julien - Business & Producer

Julien is highly interested in happy customers and  excellent products. His main-professions are taking care of the company and managing projects.

Tam - Artist & Content Marketing

Tam is a fantastic teamplayer who can turn any idea into a piece of art. Her main-professions are creating art and social media content.

Aaron - Animator & Artist

Aaron is a talented artist with a variety of skills. His main-professions are animation and art. In addition he is versed in 3D-Modelling and Motion Design.

Daniel - Game Design & Engine Artist

Daniel is an ambitious game designer with thousands of ideas. His main-profession is to design amazing game experiences for our players.

Gustav Mehner
Tina Raab
Aaron Zabel

Gustav - Director, Coder & Composer

Gustav is an amazing team leader with outstanding organizational skills. His main-professions are creative directing, programming and composing.

Tina - Artist & User Experience

Tina is an self-reflective artist with a great sense of quality. Her main-profession is environment art while also being an aspiring UX Designer.

Justin - Level Design & Engine Artist

Justin will solve any problem given to him with great passion. His main-professions are Level Design and Engine Art as well as 3D-Modelling.


Happy bee
Julien Schillinger

Bich - Artist

Bich is an artist with great interest in learning new things! Their main-profession is character art while remaining very versatile!

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