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Portal Golf

Portal Golf is a level-based 2D Casual Puzzle Game.

In Portal Golf you move around portals in order to help a golfer achieve a hole in one! In the game you can travel to different locations including grasslands, icy hills and the fjords of fire!

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Every world has their own special mechanics & appearance. On your journey, you will need to adapt your play style to new rules while also experiencing amazing new worlds with different themes and styles. 


Portal Golf is easy to play with interesting mechanics. While portals are the core-mechanic, we aim to add a variety of mechanics to support the Portals and make the gameplay even more captivating!


Portal Golf is a 2D game with a variety of environments. The final version will consist of several worlds with over 150 Levels in total, and possibly even more in the future. As in all our current games, the Music adds greatly to the game-feel.

Work in progress!

The game is currently work in progress! We plan on releasing a demo version soon - so stay tuned and follow our social media channels, so you don't miss out! The game demo can be found on this page aswell as the home tab upon release.


Ganita is a 2D Jump and Run browser game that combines explorative, atmospheric and fun gameplay with mathmatics-based puzzles.



The adventure of Ganita takes place in the magical wood Mesitu. Two siblings Tamba and Melina who live in a nearby village go on a journey to discover the mystery of the woods. What are they going to find? Only the woods can tell.


The movement in Ganita is based on simple Jump n Run gameplay. While playing, you encounter different puzzles using fireflies. Those fireflies can be found and collected in
the woods and will help Tamba and Melina on their journey!


The game covers a variety of 2D environments. The current version consists of 5 playable levels which contain grasslands, woods, caves and a night-themed level. The self-composed piano music adds greatly to the atmosphere.

Currently not in production

The game is currently not in production. If you're interested, please use the contact form for all kinds of requests.

We plan on potentially improving its present state to build an educational platform for kids in the future.

1945 (Working title)

1945 (WT) is an emotional, level-based 2.5D Survival-Adventure with a focus on Narrative and Emotion. The player experiences a thrilling story while having to make meaningful & difficult choices in an ongoing fight for survival.

Cover 1945
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The game takes place after 1945 in eastern Prussia, where families have to flee in fear of the soviet army. Maike and her family are fleeing towards German territory in hope of a better life and experience a challenging adventure.


The game covers a variety of mechanics, with decisions and survival being the main ones. Resources like health and one's will to live, but also food and other items, play a major role in keeping the family alive and add a challenging realism.


The game's rather rough 2.5D art-style plays with the interaction between light, darkness, and the emotions that come with it. Self-composed piano music underlines the dramatic part of an emotional journey.

Work in progress!

As we're working with a great partner to realize this amazing project, we can't show too much content right now. To never miss updates about the game, make sure to follow us on social media channels and say hi!

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